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The key characteristics of successful people

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 The key characteristics of successful people

1. Passion – Successful people find what they love to do, though this may take a long time for many.
2. Work – Successful work very hard; however, because they love the work, it’s fun.
3. Focus – Successful people focus long-term efforts on just one thing.
4. Push – Successful people overcome barriers like shyness and self-doubt and push themselves beyond normal expectations.
5. Ideas – Developing ideas to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities is a hallmark of the successful person.
6. Improve – Successful people aim to do their best by constant practice and learning from mistakes.
7. Serve – Offer others something of value, think about others, work on their behalf.
8. Persist – Success does not come instantly but comes over time and by working through failure, mistakes, criticism, rejection, and adversity.


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